Clarity, Transparency, Training

The single greatest benefit of working with Professional IT Solutions has been them being the "one-stop shop" for all our IT needs. Professional IT Solutions educates us so we keep our business and client information secure. When tech issues arise they respond and resolve them promptly.

Professional IT Solutions response time is far more prompt than any other IT service we have worked with in the past, when tech issues arise they respond and resolve expeditiously

If you are looking for a new IT provider know that Professional IT Solutions, is more than just an IT contractor.  Take the leap and go for it! It is all worth it to not have to worry about things like cyber security and fixing computer problems when you are busy enough running your own business.

Sophia Cucchiara Manager, Natural Hormone Balancing Specialist
BeBalanced Hormone Weight Loss Centers
Pismo Beach

Protection, Protection, Protection.
Peace of Mind

Without a doubt the biggest benefit of using Professional IT Solutions is having the peace of mind of knowing our systems are protected, our information is protected, and our organization is protected.

Anyone can sell service.  Professional IT Solutions provides a sense of care and thoughtfulness that transcends quotes and hardware.

If you are looking for a new IT provider know that Professional IT Solutions is more than just an IT contractor.  They are great people with great hearts that want your business or organization to succeed.  They take pride in being an extension of your business.  Relationships matter, Professional IT Solutions makes sure of that, give them a call today!

Coach Chris Cucchiara Regenesis 360
Pismo Beach, CA

Committed, Consistent and Responsive

The single biggest benefit to the Ernst Law Group since we started using Professional IT Solutions as our IT provider is reliable remote connections.  From the courtroom to the boardroom and everywhere in between, we have consistent access to our files which keeps us operating at optimal efficiency.

Better than other IT firms we have worked with in the past, we like Professional IT Solutions commitment, consistent service, and responsiveness to issues.

If you are on the fence about choosing Lyle and his team at Professional IT Solutions as your IT firm, I say we have no regrets, they provide excellent value.

Call them today, you’ll be glad you did.

Don Ernst Attorney
Ernst Law Group
San Luis Obispo

Stress-relieving partnership

Professional IT Solutions has always responded quickly to our IT-related issues, and they always resolve those issues promptly. We are extremely pleased with their services and have partnered with Professional IT Solutions for almost 20 years. We truly view our relationship with Professional IT Solutions as a partnership, knowing that we have them on speed dial and their quick response time honestly relieves stress from our day-to-day operations – especially during tax time.

Kizanis & Liscombe EA Leeann Liscombe EA Kizanis & Liscombe EA
Arroyo Grande

Grateful for remote service

Professional IT Solutions has been remotely monitoring my server and workstations for over 10 years. Any abnormalities that come up can be dealt with by Professional IT Solutions, which frees me from spending the time to investigate and correct the problem or issue. Professional IT Solutions maintains all the updates to Windows and other software programs, so I’m at ease knowing that my systems are up to date. Any issue that needs attention while I am working on my system can be communicated directly to Professional IT Solutions by phone or email. They provide prompt service when contacted, which then allows me to go about my business and not worry about my IT.

I’m grateful that they handle issues remotely, which means I’m not spending my time waiting for a technician to show up on-site to correct any issues.

Professional IT Solutions has been handling my computers since 2009, there has been no need to change to another IT vendor.

Richard May Richard May Richard A. May, EA, Inc.
Valencia, CA

They don’t make us wait like other IT companies

Professional IT Solutions considers us business partners. The fact that when we call with an issue, we feel that their techs care about us and want to fix the issue as soon as possible. They do not make us wait a day or two before helping us like other tech companies, which keep us up and running worry-free.

Professional IT Solutions is proactive. They keep our computers updated and proactively look for possible (or potential) issues instead of waiting for the problems to happen therefore preventing downtime because potential problems are fixed before they become big problems.

IF anyone is considering partnering with a local IT company, don’t wait. Partnering with Professional IT Solutions would be one of the best and important business decisions you could make.

Michael Garripee Michael Garripee CEO & Owner
Bomar Security & Investigations
Santa Maria

They are quick to respond, minimizing downtime.

Professional IT Solutions has been supporting both of my restaurants for well over 10 years. They always have a quick response time when a problem is reported therefore minimizing any potential downtime. They solve the actual problem without creating new ones, which keeps my IT costs within budget. Lyle and his team take the time to explain what they are doing certain things, therefore, enabling us to have a better understanding of the IT process.

Klondike Pizza Mike Dennis Owner
Klondike Pizza
Arroyo Grande and Santa Maria

Fast, efficient, dependable, and local

I’ve been partnering with Professional IT Solutions for over 7 years. I love that they are a local company that provides professional services at a reasonable price. I am up to date on all the new technologies which help my business run smoothly.

I appreciate that all my systems are monitored for issues and problems and that Professional IT Solutions is proactive in maintaining my systems which prevents downtime and IT surprises.

I am not a computer specialist. I am a specialist in my profession. I have Professional IT Solutions on my team, full-time. By letting them do what they do best, frees up my time to do what I do best.

Professional IT Solutions is local, fast, efficient, and dependable, which means IT is something I don’t have to give a second thought about; it’s covered.

Stacy Korsgaden Stacy Korsgaden Coastal Wealth Financial Services
Grover Beach

They free me up to do my job and not IT

The biggest benefit of having Professional IT Solutions as my IT partner is not having to set up and network hardware, software, and peripherals and getting everything to "talk" to each other and work together, which leaves me time to do what I do best, care for people’s pets. When things go crazy, Lyle and his team always get them fixed and working well again.

I truly appreciate the fact that Professional IT Solutions is local, which means I can reach them quickly, and they resolve issues either remotely or on-site. Their service frees me up to do my job without being tied up with technical support for hours on end.

If you’re a business owner and are considering Professional IT Solutions, I would stress their reliability; their knowledge and they stay up-to-date with current technology; most problems are resolved quickly, and for those more difficult problems, they keep at it until everything is working as it should, calling in other resources if needed. Computer Tech's service gives me peace of mind that I can quickly reach out for help and get back to my work, knowing that everything will soon be up and running again.

Cathi Smith, DVM Cathi Smith, DVM Oak Park Veterinary Clinic
Grover Beach

All ‘Tech’ Needs Under One Roof

Professional IT Solutions has provided IT services to our practice for 7 years. Professional IT Solutions have always proven to be reliable, and available for either remote support or doing on-site visits which reduces the stress level of my staff.

Professional IT Solutions is superior at monitoring our systems 24/7 and keeping our PCs up to date, not only with software but the hardware as well therefore almost eliminating downtime which then frees us up to see more patients.

Availability is never an issue; Professional IT Solutions go above and beyond when it comes to any other tech services needed beyond our server/computer.

If anyone is considering Professional IT Solutions I would highly recommend them, they are knowledgeable, friendly, always available, and can supply all of your tech needs under one roof.

Gina Levy Gina Levy Business Development Manager
Eric G. Levy, MD Family Medicine

Peace Of Mind, Problem Solvers, Responsive

The biggest benefit to New Life Church provided by Professional IT Solutions is their knowledge base and capabilities to find solutions.  Whether it involves the campus wide wireless Network, hard-wired, fiber, etc., down to an individual staffer who needs assistance or training at their workstation, Professional IT Solutions is always available which greatly reduces frustration and down time.

Comparing experience and services with other IT firms, Professional IT Solutions has consistently shown their determination to act quickly upon trouble Ticket submission which diminishes the stress level when things don’t work. Professional IT Solutions is perceived as a department within our church staff.  Professional IT Solutions knowledge of our overall operations continues to be the backbone of their services, treating each issue with the highest levels of attention.

Professional IT Solutions is truly an IT partner and have always made us feel that we matter, regardless of the need and we are not just another client.

Greg Padgett Greg Padgett IT Director/Leader 1st Friday Country Gospel
New Life Community Church, Pismo Beach

Best Business Decision We Ever Made

Partnering with Professional IT Solutions has been one of the best business decisions that Apodaca Paving, Inc. has made. Having Computer Tech handle our IT system, takes away the stress of dealing with all technical issues ourselves, but now we are also in Compliance!

When we have a question or an issue, Professional IT Solutions call back service is quick and efficient, along with work ethic! Their quick response and ethical beliefs remove any hesitation about who handles our systems and information.

Don’t spend any more time or money thinking about it, have Professional IT Solutions handle all your computer needs!  Lyle and his staff will reduce downtime and stress and keep your systems up and running.

Apodaca Paving Norma Marroquin-Loera Office Manager
Apodaca Paving

Professional, Friendly, Efficient

The single biggest benefit to the Santa Maria Fair Park since we started using Professional IT Solutions as our IT Service provider is Peace of mind.

Getter than other IT firms we may have worked with in the past we like their commitment, consistent service, and responsiveness to issues. Professional IT Solutions has the most friendly and helpful technicians, which removes the “am I bothering” thought process when we call in for a question or issue.

If you are on the fence about choosing Professional IT Solutions as your IT firm, we say we have no regrets, they provide personal attention and excellent value.

Autumn Acquistapace Autumn Acquistapace CEO
Santa Maria Fair Park